CT and micro-CT

micro-CT XALT

The XALT (X-ray AnimaL Tomograph) system is a micro-CT scanner for in vivo imaging of small animals developed at the IFC-CNR (Pisa), in partnership with the University of Pisa. The XALT scanner is a cone beam micro-CT based on a 2-dimensional flat-panel detector and microfocus x-ray source. The magnification and detector orientation can be manually varied to select the spatial resolution, field of view (FoV) and sensitivity that match the needs of several different imaging protocols for mice, rats and test tubes.

Available at IFC-CNR, Pisa.


TAC Siemens Somatom Force (192x2 Slice) Dual Source

The scanner is equipped with two Vectron x-ray tubes paired with the firm's new Stellar Infinity detectors (2 x 96 detector rows), which enables routine examinations using tube voltages as low as 70 kV going all the way up to 150 kV in steps of 10 kV. The wide range of tube voltages is completely integrated with the firm's CARE kV automated exposure control, which adapts kV to patient size and application. The resulting high contrast-to-noise ratio allows contrast doses to be lowered significantly, reducing risk for patients with renal insufficiency. The scanner's new turbo flash mode is also a big help in cardiovascular imaging, with its ability to freeze motion on even fast-moving anatomy. Expecially suitable for cardiac CT scans.

Available at IBB-CNR, Naples.


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