Technologies and services

The MMMI Node offers a great variety of imaging technologies. To access these technologies, users have to send their applications to EuBI according to what defined in the guidelines for access.

Please consult the "How to apply for access" section for more information about applications.

Besides the EuBI approved technologies, the MMMI Node offers a number of additional technologies and services. Please consult the "Additional services" section and contact the Node directly for more information.

The Charter of Services of the MMMI Node is available upon request.

Access costs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will include instrument utilization, staff assistance, any additional service required and extra-consumables that will be used during the project. A complete quotation will be presented to the user when his/her proposal is accepted.

The Node staff will support the user in finding suitable lodging solutions. Some of the Node facilities have conventions with hotels and/or University Residence Halls which can be used during the access. All the details will be agreed directly with the user before the access takes place.


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