Optical Imaging

Perkin Elmer IVIS Spectrum

IVIS Spectrum optical whole animal imaging system is a high-sensitivity in vivo imaging system for fluorescence and bioluminescence. Equipment providing high throughput (5 mice) with 23 cm field of view and high resolution (to 20 microns) with 3.9 cm field of view, twenty eight high efficiency filters spanning 430 – 850 nmsupports spectral unmixing applications and 3D diffuse tomographic reconstruction for both fluorescence and bioluminescence.

Available at the Centre for Preclinical Imaging in Colleretto Giacosa and at the San Raffaele Hospital in Milan.


Perkin Elmer Tomographic 3D fluorescence FMT 4000

Tomographic 3D fluorescence (FMT) is emerging in preclinical research due to high sensitivity, multi-spectral imaging, high throughput capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and absence of ionizing radiation. FMT useful for a range of biomedical applications in the fields of oncology, inflammation and cardiovascular diseases.

FMT 4000- is a preclinical tomographic 3D fluorescence imaging system, equipped with 4 excitation laser channels, with wavelengths in the NIR spectrum (635, 680, 750 and 790 nm), and is able to make acquisitions up to four fluorophores simultaneously, to mark different biological targets of interest.

Available at IBB-CNR, Naples.