Italian Multi-sited Multi-Modal Molecular Imaging (MMMI) Node


The European Research Infrastructure for Imaging Technologies in Biological and Biomedical Sciences (Euro-BioImaging, EuBI) provides open physical user access to a broad range of state-of-the-art technologies in biological and  biomedical imaging for life scientists in Europe and beyond. It offers image data support and training for infrastructure users and providers and will continuously evaluate and include new imaging technologies to ensure sustainable provision  of cutting-edge services.

The Euro-BioImaging infrastructure consists of a number of EuBI Nodes - specialized and knowledgeable imaging facilities - distributed across the EuBI Member countries and EMBL, which offer those imaging technologies for which they are the  Europe-leading experts. Researchers at any stage of their career can request access to EuBI by submitting their proposal for a project, which they would like to conduct with support from this research infrastructure.

In Italy, the Multi-sited Multi-Modal  Molecular Imaging (MMMI) Node focuses on biomedical imaging, offering the acquisition of “in vivo” images by means of the most relevant imaging modalities. Besides instrumentation and expert staff for all the different “in vivo” Imaging modalities, the Node provides the users with  a large repository of imaging agents/tracers for the available imaging modalities and a number of cellular and animal models (mainly mice) of the relevant pathologies.

The MMMI Node is a multi-sited Node, with 8  facilities located in Torino, Milano, Pisa and Napoli. Overall, the Node offers all the relevant imaging technologies and related services, being each site specialized in one ore more specific applications of these technologies (e.g. probe design, cardiovascular, neurological, oncological applications etc.).



Multi-Modal Molecular Imaging Italian Node (MMMI)
University of Torino - Dept. of Molecular Biotechnology and Health Sciences
Piazza Nizza 44/bis - 10126 Torino - Italy

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The MMMI Node's services can be included in the PRIN 2022 proposals. Please visit this page for more information.


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