US and micro-US

Visualsonics VEVO 2100

This US imaging system is equipped with different transducers operating from 21 MHz to 50 MHz, with maximum spatial resolution of 30 microns and maximum frame rate of f740 fps.
Color and Power Doppler modes available.
3D-mode Imaging and Volume analysis.
Non-linear contrast imaging.
Available at the Centre for Preclinical Imaging in Colleretto Giacosa, at IBB-CNR in Naples, at IFC-CNR in Pisa and at San Raffaele Hospital in Milan. In Milan, the instrument is equipped with a high-frequency linear probe for general, cardiac, abdominal CDUS without and with contrast agents.

Fujifilm Sonosite VEVO MD
The world's first High Frequency Ultrasound imaging system. This instrument can detect alterations down to 30 micron, and has been designed expecially for the study of vascular. musculoskeletal, dermatological structures, expecially in infants.
Probes in the range 20-70 MHz.

Available at IRCCS-SDN, Naples.

PHILIPS Healtcare EPIQ 7 for US Elastography
The EPIQ 7 system boasts the most powerful technology architecture Philips never applied to imaging ultrasound. It allows the execution of a survey using elastography technology "shear-wave", which provides with incredible accuracy data on the stiffness of the studied structures, such as for example liver masses.

Available at IRCCS-SDN, Naples.


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