Single modality PET and SPECT can be performed on the hybrid systems described in the PET(SPECT)/CT page. Please visit this page for information about the available instruments.

Furthermore, the Node possess two dedicated single modality YAP (S)PET instruments fro imaging of small animals, as described below.



The YAP (S)PET instrument has Four rotating heads, a motorize, PC controlled animal bed with a laser pointer system for animal positioning.Resolution 1.8 mm.

Available at IFC-CNR, Pisa, and at IBFM-CNR, MIlan.





The Molecubes systems couples a high-throughput micro-CT scanner (X-CUBE)  and a sub-millimeter, high-sensitivity whole body mouse and rat micro-PET scanner (beta-CUBE), allowing sub-minute acquisition at extremely low doses.

The β-CUBE consists of 5 rings of 9 detector modules covering an axial FOV of 13 cm (Bore diameter: 80mm, Energy resolution: 12.5% at 511 keV, Sensitivity: >10%, Spatial resolution < 1mm).

The X-CUBE allows  to acquire up to 4 mice simultaneously (continuous rotation using a slip ring, FOV single bed position: 78mm T x 36mm A - spiral scan up to 20 cm-, Spatial resolution: 50 μm)

Available at IBFM-CNR.





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