Image datasets

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The following datasets are available at the Node upon request. If marked with *, will be made available after publication.

Dataset  title preclinical/clinical type of disease disease location type of images Institute hosting the dataset contact person
GlucoCEST and 18F-FDG PET for monitoring treatment response in murine breast tumor model preclinical cancer breast MRI UniTO
Tumor acidosis imaging following dichloroacetate treatment in a murine breast cancer model preclinical cancer breast MRI UNiTO
Cardiac amyloidosis detection by early bisphosphonate (99mTc-HMDP) scintigraphy clinical cardiac amyloidosis heart planar scintigraphy FGM 
Study of coronary flow reserve (CFR) by Ultra High Frequency Ultrasound (UHFUS) Imaging* preclinical - heart US IFC CNR
Study of bone regeneration in rat femurs using ex-vivo micro-CT preclinical Drilled hole defect Femur CT




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