Hyperpolarized MR Imaging

Hyperpolarized molecules for HP-MRI are developed in Torino and Pisa by using the Para-Hydrogen Induced Polarization (PHIP) and Dynamic Nuclear Polarization (DNP) methods respectively.

Enhanced NMR signals attainable with 13C, 15N, 29Si and 31P nuclei have the potential to study cellular metabolism, NMR of complex bio-mixtures, metabolic kinetic studies.

Instrumentation for PHIP, including a para-hydrogen generator (Bruker BioSpin), a PC-controlled Field Cycling system and a low field MR spectrometer for field cycling (Stelar), is available at the University of Torino, while Pisa (University of Pisa and FTGM) hosts a DNP Hypersense Polarizer (Oxford Instr.).

Hyperpolarized agents can be prepared and tested on-site in vitro and/or in animal models.